PATCH , Inc. (Parents and Their Children) is a 501 c3 organization located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. We serve  parents  and children in the rural community.  The pillars of our organization are Support, Recovery, Awareness, and Empowerment. We provide many services such as  fundraisers for families, sponsoring children for Christmas, tutoring programs, and hosting blood drives; however, our primary goal is to bring healing and restoration to survivors of sexual violence and gaslighting (emotional abuse), as they walk through their journey of recovery.  Faith is an integral part of our core values. We offer a forty-five week intensive  program (Sheltered From The Storm), a curriculum that includes  biblical perspectives that offer hope and healing from their wounded past. 

Dr. Sweet is the founder and President of PATCH, Inc. The organization was founded in February of 2011 to address educational disparities in the community. Initially, her personal experiences and love for her son compelled her to not only be an engaged parent but also a community advocate for youth. She was her son's biggest advocate in ensuring he received an equal and fair education in the public school sector. Dr. Sweet's advocacy served as a catalyst that paved a way for high academic achievements by her son.  He graduated as one of the Superintendent's Distinguished Scholars in 2015. He is currently embarking upon his senior year in college, majoring in Biomedical Engineering.


In addition, as a survivor of sexual abuse, Dr. Sweet has a passion to serve her community by empowering other survivors to live life free from pain, shame, guilt, and self-destruction.  Her mission~ Touching families one prayer at a time! 


Dr. Katrina Sweet

846 Country Club Road

Rocky Mount, NC


Telephone: (252)210-3084

Fax: (252)210-3087

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