The journey of recovery can look different for each individual. It has it highs and lows. The beauty about the process is it's your journey. You can go as fast or slow as you desire but whatever you do, stay on your journey of healing. ~ Dr. Katrina Sweet  

Dr. Katrina Sweet is the Founder and President of PATCH, Inc. As a Survivor of both Sexual and Emotional Abuse, Dr. Sweet is passionate about teaching others how to experience and walk in a life of freedom. She has a diverse background, which includes but is not limited to, facilitating workshops and  small groups, teaching, training, and working in small groups with women at church and women encounters.  

Mrs. Linda Bryant brings a wealth of experience to our organization. She has an extensive background with working with victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and mental health. She is a trained mental health facilitator  with experience in facilitating life and support recovery groups.