"You are not what happened to you. God can and will rewrite your story." 

Dr. Katrina L. Sweet

Dear Fellow Survivor,


Sexual Violence is the only crime where the victim is punished. Being victimized as child, I know firsthand the emotional pain and long term effect associated with it. Confusion is a common result of sexual abuse because of so many unanswered questions. Why was I targeted?  Why can't anyone see what is happening? Did I do something to cause this? There is a ripple effect of sexual violence. An important part of  your journey is to face the abuse head on so you can learn the truth about the crime that was perpetrated against you and how it has and is currently impacting your life.


In 2009,  I was diagnosed with depression. Although I was in denial about the depression, once I embraced reality, it was the beginning of my journey process. The good news is “There is life after sexual abuse!” Out of my emotional pain to recover, my passion to help women all over the world burned deep inside of me and PATCH, Inc. was birthed! It is never too late for you. God still has a purpose and plan for your life. 


I encourage survivors take advantage of resources that are available to promote inner healing. God wants to heal you everywhere you hurt but it is your choice. Your offender exercised a choice over you to sexually abuse you and the gaslighter made the choice to manipulate and control you, now you must make the choice to heal. Don’t continue to drown in guilt, shame, and sorrow. Your feelings are valid but unless dealt with, they will continue to put you on the  road of abuse, broken relationships, poor decision making, and low self-esteem. The vicious cycle must stop! 


It is my prayer that you will allow me to walk with you on your personal journey of healing of recovery. Recovery works but you must do the work. The good news is, you do not have to do it alone. 


I love you, and I am cheering for you!  


Dr. Katrina L. Sweet, Founder & President

 Advocate & Spokesperson 

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