President and Founder 

Dr. Katrina Levitt Sweet


You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.


-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Serving and helping others have always been my passion. From a child on up, I have served in many capacities. However, nothing ignites the passion inside of me like helping women and children heal from emotional abuse and sexual violence. Our agency does not provide professional counseling; however, we can provide a resource of counselors to assist you while in recovery. We walk through the journey of healing and recovery with survivors of emotional and sexual violence. We provide a safe place and support while dismantling the lies of abuse with God's Truth, His Word. The Word of God is our first line of defense. I am humbled that God has entrusted me with such a precious responsibility of sharing love and truth. 

In His Service, 


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