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Bullet Proof Coffee (Vegan, Dairy free, & Healthy)

Hi Everyone! Enjoy this healthy drink as a treat from time to time. I really enjoy this drink because it gives me unexplainable energy and it curbs my appetite. The unrefined coconut oil is a healthy fat that reduces my appetite. I have read several articles that suggest that coconut oil reduces an individual's appetite, increase fat burning, and could possible help you with weight loss.

However, since coconut oil is a fat, I do not consume it everyday (it's a treat for me). I have read other people's view on this and they seem to think it is okay to consume it every day as long as you are working out everyday. I do a three mile walk five days a week, but I try to limit this drink to once a week or every other week.

In this video, I used decaffeinated coffee (you can use caffeinated if you choose), almond milk (you can use any diary free creamer), unrefined coconut oil , cinnamon and unrefined coconut sugar. I have used cane sugar (which gave it a sweeter taste) but decided to try coconut sugar because I read that coconut sugar has a slightly lower glycemic index (GI). Diabetes run in my family history and although I am not a diabetic, I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the food I consume.

The coconut sugar in this drink did not taste bad at all, but just know, cane sugar had a much sweeter taste. I supposed you can use any sweetener but don't over do it. Too much sugar is not good for you.

We will be sharing more quick vegan videos for those of you that are looking for other healthier options. Food is my love language and I enjoying sharing the love through cooking with others.



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